Learn Assembly Programming...
With ChibiAkumas!

Don't just use that old computer to play the same old games... why not learn to make some new ones, and learn lots of new things about it!
Learn about the basics of the processor... and then learn about how to program the hardware of many of the most popular systems that used that processor!
All lessons have a text document, a matching Youtube Video, and a discussion forum entry, so you can learn by Reading or Watching and Discussing !

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Atari ST x68000

Sega Mastersystem Sega GameGear Camputers Lynx

Sinclair QL Sega Genesis / MegaDrive

Spectrum NEXT Elan Enterprise TI-83

Commodore Amiga Neo Geo 68000  
MSX and MSX2 ZX Spectrum Sam Coupe

z80 cpc Gameboy and Gameboy Color
Wonderswan MS Dos 8086

Atari Lynx BBC Micro arm

PC-Engine / Turbografix 16 Apple II Super NES
Gameboy Advance
Vic 20 Commodore 64 Atari 800 / 5200
Risc Os

Commander x16 Nintendo NES / Famicom


Super NES
Risc V

Volume 3 of Learn Multiplatform Assembly with ChibiAkumas is out now!
Volume 3 is in the same format as volumes 1 and 2. The first chapter is the assembly introduction which is basically the same as Volumes 1+2 (So you can read Volume 3 without having read the other volumes)

Volume 3 covers MIPS, TMS9900, SuperH, IBM370 and PowerPC CPUs

The book is around 50 pages longer than the previous volumes, so the price is slightly higher due to printing costs - In many countries I'm actually making slightly less money on this book.

The book is out now in B5 sized Hardback and A5 sized paperback... A4 paperback is also available Here

Buy Volume 3 Here!

Due to piracy problems and relatively low sales of Vol 2, I'm not planning to offer a Kindle version this time (I'm pretty sure there's bot scripts automatically ripping off the new releases), however I will be offering 'Buyers remorse' PDFs, and any of my patreons who signed up before 2024 will be offered a PDF copy too - I will post an update about this in the next couple of months once the dust has settled from the book release.

My Books are now available in Hardback and Large Print A4!
In response to many comments from readers, I'm now pleased to offer my books in Large print A4 size! I'm also able to offer Hardback in countries where amazon offers it

I've also released my updated 2nd edition of volume 1 (I've been giving out this as part of the buyers remorse offer for a while)

Check them out here: https://amzn.to/3hgETuM
My 1st book covers ASM programming on Z80, 6502, 68000, 8086 and ARM
My 2nd book book covers ARM Thumb, 65816, 6809, PDP-11 and Risc-V CPUs

The Large print versions can be a little hard to find... the links are here:
Vol 1 A4: ttps://amzn.to/3T8WzFG
Vol 2 A4: https://amzn.to/3WC9jaM

New for 2022! My 2nd book is out now!!
Buy my Assembly programming book

My 2nd book is available now on amazon! Volume 2 of "Learn (more) Multiplatform Assembly with ChibiAkumas" is now turning up on Amazon stores near you now!

Volume 2 is the same format as Volume 1, but covers 5 new processors: ARM Thumb, 65816, 6809 PDP-11 and Risc-V CPUs

The first chapter is the beginners introduction, based on that of Volume 1 but with various improvements and corrections, and with a new extra section covering sound. The processor

sections are the same format as Volume 1. Overall Volume 2 is around 10% larger than volume 1 (299 pages)

Link to the US store: https://amzn.to/3JniJQt

Link to the UK store: https://amzn.to/3tkPwjC

Or search on your local store, it should show up. Please note it may take a day or two, I can't buy the print copy in japan yet :-(

If you decide to buy it, please try and buy the print version - I will offer the 'Buyers remorse' PDF for print copy purchasers like before as soon as the 3 month 'amazon kindle

exclusive' period ends (around july)... it would suit me to only offer print going forwards, but Kindle brought 20% of my profits last time - which is too much to turn down.

I'll do a video showing it off once I manage to get my hands on a copy over here in Japan!

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